Monday, October 15, 2007

National Bosses Day!!!

Yeah it's officially National Bosses day, 10/16/07. So what does that mean at MSFT? Is there anyone out there that will celebrate this day and do something for their boss? Do you feel compelled, forced, to do something for your boss.

When I think back to my better bosses they had the following characteristics:
  • Understood what I brought to the group
  • Assigned me tasks that were interesting
  • Assigned me tasks that were challenging
  • Gave me opportunities to grow
  • Promoted my achievements up
  • Let me know what I needed to do for advancement
  • When tasks were achieved fought for my promotion

I wish that group still existed, it was the best, and I see pieces of what we built all over the company.

Over on Mini-Microsoft, Mini said:

I would be delighted beyond all measures if, instead of a blog about complaining about all the everyday crap people go through, there was a blog bragging about the great managers and the great groups we have. Eh, make it internal if you want. Sure, people will complain about sycophants and all that. I trust you to be bright enough to see through that. Cut out the bad by supporting - and putting a spotlight on - the good.

Well said, both should be discussed so that the good will get better and the bad will be influenced to leave. The current problem is that finding a group with a good reputation is easy, but past group performance may not be an indicator of future success. Management changes all the time, so it is important to know names of good managers you will directly work for or all bets are off.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First up

I would like to create a forum to expose both good and bad management within MSFT. When I first came in the door someone said "Working at MSFT can be the best job in the world or the worst, it all depends on who your manager is". This is probably one of the wisest things I was told as a newbe. I have now been around a few years and have lived both worlds many times over. Sadly now I am in the worst job, but looking hopefully for my next Best job in the world at MSFT.

The question that everyone asks is, "Why is the current job so bad?".

1. Monotonous tasks
2. Doubled up jobs the norm (bill 80 hrs a week)
3. No clear career growth path
4. Focused on $ not quality delivery (billing 80 is more important than customer satisfaction)

What is driving this poor work environment?

I think the group took on overly aggressive revenue targets, which basically force managers to burn out their employees. So I don't blame my manager for the situation, but I do blame him for not understanding that the current situation will eventually lead to complete team burnout.

So moving forward, what are some of your situations, good, or bad, is your "good" group hiring?